What is the Billmobile?

The Billmobile (Car 95) is a 4-cylinder Ford Mustang seen racing on circle dirt tracks such as Winchester Speedway in Winchester, VA.   The stock car is driven by race car driver William (Bill) Baker of Purcellville, VA.

From the Rat Race to the Car Race

Not too long ago, Bill was a certified workaholic.  Though his business was thriving, the round-the-clock demands of the rat race took a toll on his health.  After two near-death experiences, including a code-blue in the ICU, Bill realized that he needed to slow down and enjoy the remaining years of life.  So he's traded in the rat race for the car race, re-igniting a childhood passion for car racing.

The father of three young boys, Bill sees the car racing as an opportunity to give his sons practical experience in auto-mechanics and bodywork, as well as fun hobby they can enjoy together.  Bill lives in Purcellville, Virginia and races in Winchester, Virginia.  His car can be seen racing on the dirt track at Winchester Speedway regularly from April through October.
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"Final" 2011 Season points standing  "7th"
11 races, 6 top 10 finishes

2009 Rookie of the Year!
                   9th Place in Points
Completed 19 of 21 races entered
9 top 10 finishes!
Results 2010

2010 Final Points Race Standing  "7th"
2010 4cyl Sportsmanship Trophy
2010 4cyl Most improved Driver
2010 4cyl Best Effort
Entered 17 races, completed 15 with 9 top 10 finishes!
         May 2011                                   April  - 2010
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This clip is rated PG-13 for some strong language in the original motion picture, Days of Thunder (PG 13)
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