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When I started out on my racing adventure, I was blown away by the outpouring of advice and assistance from people.   Drivers and owners I had never met set aside their competetive nature to reach out and help me.  So for all of those with generous hearts and hands, thanks for the support!  I truly couldn't have done this without you.  A special thanks to...

  • Mike at Hamilton Service Center (Hamilton, VA)

  • Roy Anderson at ARC Racing (Winchester, VA)

  • "Big Al" Meeks (Strasburg, VA)

  • Car #27, Wilson Racing

  • Car #17, Linaburg's Racing

  • Car #00, Sonner's Racing

  • Car #12c, Roger Whitlock

  • CLR Motorsports Photography, Chris Renner

  • Jim Poston Photography ( Middleburg, VA)
  • C. Dove Motorsports Photography

  • My family for enduring many Saturday nights without me!

  • Thanks also to the many helping hands from the U-Car division...I don't know the names of many of you, but thanks for your help!

Thank You...